Windfarm Installation Vessel propelled by Innovative Propulsion Units

Experience with A2SEA’s latest new building and outlook on future installation concepts

Company / Unternehmen: A2SEA Germany
Speaker / Referent: Hans Schneider
Position: Managing Director

The second generation installation vessel SEA INSTALLER is designed as a jack-up vessel optimised to operate at water depths of up to 45 meters, and it will therefore be well-fitted for the installation of upcoming offshore wind projects in the Northern European offshore market. The new jack-up vessel will, thus, be an important step towards the further industrialisation of the offshore wind industry to lower cost of energy. By being able to transport more WTGs at one time and thus avoiding several calls to the harbour for loading, SEA INSTALLER will help reduce the cost of energy. SEA INSTALLER is a result of the 12 years’ experience, A2SEA has gained by being entrepreneurs in the offshore wind installation business. Since end 2012 A2SEA’s newest offshore wind installation vessel SEA INSTALLER is in service, propelled by Voith Schneider Propellers. This paper will show first operational experiences and discuss how the seaworthiness during transit and jacking is supported by the propulsion units. The advantages of Voith Schneider Propeller with regard to DP, roll stabilization and prevention of ventilation are presented as well as the Voith Inline Thruster, the largest rim drive tunnel thruster ever built. Further on, an outlook will be given on future installations concepts such a floating installation vessels.