SWASH@A&R – yet another innovative vessel by Abeking & Rasmussen

A unique vessel design meeting todays and tommorows demand for safe and high-productive crew transfer vessels.

Company / Unternehmen: Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs- und Yachtwerft Aktiengesellschaft
Speaker / Referent: Nils Olschner
Position: Sales Director Commercial Vessels

The SWASH@A&R (Small Waterplane Area Single Hull) belongs to the family of semisubmersible catamarans such as the well known SWATH@A&R (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) which has been built successfully 23 times by Abeking&Rasmussen in different sizes and for different applications. Whereas the buoyancy is provided by two submerged hulls for the SWATH, only one submerged hull provides the buoyancy for the SWASH. One outrigger on each side of the vessel provides the necessary transversal stability. At first glance one would classify the SWASH as a trimaran which is not. In contrast to conventional trimarans or other so called tri-swaths the waterplane area of the SWASH is reduced once more. The SWASH technology is based on the vast design experience which Abeking&Rasmussen gained in the last 13 years of building SWATH vessels. It represents the downsizing of the 25 m SWATH@A&R crew transfer vessel with the intention to provide similar seakeeping capabilities as the SWATH without reducing safety level. The low acceleration amplitudes result in a smooth riding, thus enabling long-time efficient working without seasickness. As crew transfer vessel space for 12 service technicians including their personal gear is provided. The launching took place during december 2012 and since then first operational experiences have been gained during sea trails and other testing.