Siemens 6.0-MW, the new standard for offshore

Producing more cost efficient energy

Company / Unternehmen: Siemens Wind Power A/S
Speaker / Referent: Anders J. Jensen

For Siemens Wind Power (SWP) Innovation represents a key driver to bring down the cost of energy. Certainly just because of the size of the rotor and generator, the SWT 6.0-154 itself produces more cost efficient energy. Nevertheless, a bigger wind turbine per se will not drive down the cost of energy production. There are, therefore, other innovations that will also ensure that wind energy is highly competitive with traditional energy sources. Innovative technology The SWT 6.0-MW is based on the innovative and reliable Siemens’ direct drive technology, first installed in 2008. The Siemens direct drive technology with permanent magnet excitation is a quantum leap technology for wind turbines with a reduced number of moving parts providing a higher reliability, which is a key driver in offshore wind. Moreover, Siemens’ direct drive technology offers high power density, and at the same time low weight. The low-weight 6.0-MW, with a tower head mass of 360 tonnes is lighter than most other wind turbines in the same MW-range, setting new standards for offshore wind turbines, and offering significant cost benefits throughout the entire value chain. Construction constrains Weight always has an impact on the transportation and installation phases, and therefore innovative solutions should be considered from the design stage. As an example, during transportation to offshore, the weight that an installation vessel can transport is one of the limiting factors. The low weight of the 6.0-MW clearly allows SWP to be more cost and time efficient during the entire logistic phase. Furthermore, the 6.0-MW contains the entire electrical system in the nacelle enabling to push offshore commissioning work onshore. Investment risks An extensive risks’ assessment for SWP starts from the initial design phase of the wind turbine. Based on this risk assessment the most extensive test program has been developed by Siemens for the 6.0-MW, setting new standards for the wind industry. As an example, all main components and systems of the 6.0-MW are verified via a Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test program ensuring verification of the turbine prior to serial production and thereby minimizing the investment risk.

The Siemens 6.0-MW represents a milestone in offshore wind power technology incorporating more than 20 years of lessons learned within this dynamic industry. For the first time in history two 6.0-MW prototype turbines featuring a 120m rotor were successfully installed in the UK offshore wind power plant, Gunfleet Sands 3 in January this year.

We hope to share more of our SWT 6.0-MW at Windforce 2013.