Operational Performance of the Twin Axe 2610

Design review

Company / Unternehmen: Damen Shipyards Group
Speaker / Referent: Peter Robert
Position: Business Development Manager Offshore Wind

“For the transfer of personnel and cargo between the shore and offshore wind turbines Damen Shipyards developed the Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2610. The ships of the FCS 2610 series are modern high-speed vessels, designed as catamarans with symmetrical hulls.

The oldest vessels of the FCS 2610 series are in service now since one year and regarded as good by the customers. Due to the novel design and admittedly limited experience with this series of vessels it is supposed that there is a potential for improvement of its operational efficiency. Statements of the crews during survey visits support this supposition.
In order to gain knowledge about the actual operation and operational efficiency the logbooks of several FCS 2610 vessels in service are connected to weather data and analysed. Based upon the findings of the analysis a proposal for improvement is elaborated and its efficiency is proved by an appropriate method of analysis and evaluation.
As the analyses of the logbooks are in progress, information about the findings and the improvement of the operational efficiency are not yet available.”