Life Cycle Cost Reduction through new Thermal Sprayed Coatings

Thermal Sprayed Coatings: a new generation of corrosion protection systems for Offhsore Windenergy Structures

Company / Unternehmen: International Zinc Association
Speaker / Referent: Frank E. Goodwin, USA
Position: Director of Technology and Market Development

Corrosion protection systems for offshore wind energy structures are subjected to the most severe climate conditions experienced by engineering structures. Because of the difficulties of accessing these structures, maintenance represents a huge challenge. Maintenance costs per m2 are between 75 to 100 times higher than onshore, having the potential of putting the long-term economic viability of the whole project at risk. Therefore a highly protective coating system is required that requires minimal maintenance. In this presentation, recent studies on the performance and relative costs of suitable protection systems that include zinc thermal spraying for these structures are reviewed. Also a life cycle cost analysis is presented. Advantages of a new generation of corrosion protection systems based on an improved corrosion resistance sprayed zinc alloy are introduced.