Lessons learned from the Big 6

As the only installation provider to have worked on all six of the world’s largest offshore wind projects, A2SEA shares insights, sea stories, and best practices developed along the way.

Company / Unternehmen: A2Sea
Speaker / Referent: Kaj Møller Lindvig
Position: Senior Advisor A2SEA A/S

London Array, Greater Gabbard, Anholt, West of Duddon Sands, Gwynt Yy Mor and Borkum Riffgrund 1. Between them, the Big Six offshore wind projects amount to some 3 GW of power, and a total of 785 turbines. Of these, 75% have been or will be installed by four different A2SEA vessels. Planning and implementing the transport and installation of so many turbines is a colossal, know-how driven task that stretches far beyond determining which vessel and crew to use. Find out how the industry’s most experienced installation provider approaches its work, building on lessons learned from every new situation – and what it means to build flexibilty and agility into such projects to allow for the unexpected.