Far shore versus near shore

Comparison of a German far shore and near shore wind farm

Company / Unternehmen: Siemens Wind Power A/S
Speaker / Referent: Ken Soerensen
Position: Senior Vice President, Wind Power Service

The tendency is that the big offshore wind farms are being placed futher and further away from shore.
It gives some challenges in regards to Operation & Maintenance.
In our presentation (case study) we will put focus on the differences and look into the challenges that we meet far shore. Examples:
– More complicated conditions at sea
– Lower flexibility due to limited urgent access to onshore facilities
– Very limited access due to long travel time and rough weather conditions
– Each visit to the turbine requires travel time from port to turbine and back which significantly reduces the productive hours in the turbine
– Etc. And we come up with our suggestions how to handle these challenges.