Challenging the elements of nature for OWF construction

OWF construction

Company / Unternehmen: GeoSea
Speaker / Referent: Bas Nekeman
Position: Business Development Manager

Offshore installation works are highly influenced by the local features of the elements of nature found at the offshore construction site. The three elements earth, water and air in their presence of strong winds, high waves, large swells, strong currents, big water depth or tough geotechnical build up are the ones to be challenged in order to reduce installation costs. GeoSea is a geotechnical offshore contractor who provides engineering and installation services to many customer’s in the offshore wind farm sector. GeoSea are or have been involved in the realization process of over 30 offshore windfarm construction projects in Europe. During this conference speech GeoSea will go back in time and present the solutions that challenged the elements and that were first developed on some of these projects. After this a lookout into the future will touch upon the ideas currently in development and which are to become reality in the near future.